Dawn Bereavement Support is part of the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Code of Ethics

Dawn Bereavement Support Group seeks to extend compassion,understanding and care to bereaved people.

Our aim
To support bereaved people at this difficult time, helping them through their grief journey together with other bereaved people.
The Dawn team are non-judgmental they will not impose their own views and beliefs and value honesty and confidentiality in a compassionate and caring environment.
Integrity and dignity
The Dawn team will not exploit the Dawn members financially, sexually, emotionally or in any other way. The integrity and dignity of each member will always be maintained.


At Dawn we care about you and want to keep you as safe as possible. If we have concerns that a Dawn member is at risk to themselves, or others, then a Dawn committee member will offer support to the Dawn member involved and encourage them to make contact with a crisis service or relevant agency. If there is an imminent risk to life, then we reserve the right to break confidentiality and refer to an external agency with the intention to safeguard the Dawn member. Please be assured that we take your confidentiality seriously and will only take this action if a serious, imminent risk occurs.