Dawn Bereavement Support is part of the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
NHS Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

A safe, non-judgemental space for bereavement support.

Meet other bereaved people who have experienced a loss in Hull hospitals with a view to finding support through a shared experience of grief.

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The Newbies’ Group.
The Newbies’ Group.
This group is usually, though not exclusively, for those whose loss is more recent and whose grief is very raw. This group provides time for each member to talk about their experience and listen to others as they express their grief.
The in-betweeners’ Group.
The in-betweeners’ Group.
This group usually comprises of people whose grief is less raw but still would like therapeutic support to talk about how they feel and to hear from others how they are managing their grief.
The Social Group.
The Social Group.
This group is predominately, but not exclusively, for those whose grief is more manageable and who would like social contact with others. This group will generally suggest social activities for all Dawn members to access if they wish.

Share as much as feels comfortable.

We encourage you to take care of yourself in the group by taking responsibility for how much or how little you share so that you feel safe. Additionally, one to one support is also available if needed, just ask a member of the team and this will be arranged.

Respect and confidentially.

Respect each other’s unique experience of grief and be kind and considerate to other’s perspectives and accepting that there are no right or wrongs. Hold confidential the content shared within the groups. This means that the personal information of others is confidential and therefore ‘stays in the room’, whereas general information such as coping ideas and social activities can ‘go out of the room’.

Grief support course.

For those people who need extra support and would like to be part of a small supportive group which meets more frequently, an 8-week bereavement support group is also available. This course is specifically for people whose loved one has been a patient of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. The course encourages the participants to share their stories, focussing on what has been the most difficult. This helps them to take the right small steps to start to alleviate these difficulties achieving small goals, they need to accomplish to find ways to successfully get back on with their lives.

Course places are limited and therefore waiting lists might apply.

These closed groups run (with a maximum of eight participants) at intervals throughout the year at Castle Hill hospital, venue to be confirmed. The course will run on consecutive Monday evenings from 6-8pm and dates for each course will be advertised within the Dawn group.

The Grief Recovery Method.

Dawn also offers this internationally established education programme which might be helpful to your grief recovery. At one of the main Dawn meetings one of the facilitators might suggest it would be useful for you to attend this course. All of our Dawn facilitators/committee members are Grief Recovery Specialists and if you decide attend they will assist you to complete all your unresolved ‘business’ linked to your loss. This course will take place one evening a week for 8 weeks offering a pathway to discovery and recovery. The other members of the group and facilitators team, will accompany you on this journey in a safe environment. This course will run twice a year. There may be a waiting list, so if you are interested, ask one of the team for more information.